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Andrew Winkler

Andrew Winkler

Vice President
Executive and Broad-Based Compensation
Annual and Long-Term Incentive Design
Board of Director Compensation
Private Company Compensation
BA, Rutgers University

Commitment to Clients

My goal is to be the “realistic” advisor to companies, giving them a tactical and strategic overview of their compensation practices to make the best decisions for their management, employees, and stockholders. I enjoy bringing our collective knowledge to clients to help them accomplish their compensation goals. Every client is important to me, and I strive to make my relationships meaningful and impactful.


Andrew Winkler is a vice president at Pearl Meyer. He has a decade of experience in the executive compensation consulting field. He has consulted with hundreds of companies in the US and Canada of various revenue size and industry. 

Prior to joining Pearl Meyer, Andrew worked for Pay Governance and Johnson Associates in New York City. Andrew is also an Information Operations Planner and commander in the US Army Reserves with a decade of service and deployed to Africa during 2019 to support ongoing efforts.

At Pearl Meyer, we work with boards and organizations to design and implement compensation and leadership strategies that build great management teams.
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