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Do Shareholder Advisory Services Firms Understand the Tech Sector?


Jim Heim
Managing Director
Pearl Meyer & Partners
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To: Technology Sector Compensation Committees

From: A Concerned Consultant

We need to talk.

I can’t help but notice you’ve been distracted lately.  You used to be so focused on the company’s plans for the future – the new products, new services and new markets that promised to be game changers.  You debated the investments necessary, the obstacles ahead and how to design your executive pay programs to best drive your strategic priorities.  Not anymore!  These days, meetings are devoted to poring over proxy CD&A disclosures instead of the strategic business plan.  The SWOT charts have been replaced with P4P grids. When the conversation steers towards executive compensation, you no longer challenge proposals through the lens of “What should we do to support the business strategy?”  Instead you pull out a copy of the latest proxy advisory firm guidelines and mumble in a defeated voice, “What can we do?” I miss that spark in your eyes!

Is it ISS that has you so frustrated?

Maybe it’s time to come to grips with a painful truth: ISS has a different agenda and just isn’t that into you.

Not to worry: here's my recent article with some ideas for getting your Committee back on track and re-focused on executive pay decisions that are best for your business and your shareholders.

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