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Presentation | Sep 2021

The Leadership Equity Index—How Do You Stack Up?

A look at what boards and management teams can do to improve equality in the workplace and how to assess an organization’s leadership maturity.

Most companies ensure equal pay for equal work in order to comply with legislation. But does that mean they are treating everyone—at all ranks within the organization—equitably?

The fact is equitability is much more than a pay discussion. It also means ensuring equal career opportunities, unbiased pay actions, similar development and mentoring opportunities, and a true culture of inclusion and belonging.

In part one of Pearl Meyer's two-part webinar series with Women Corporate Directors, we provided insights from work with clients on these critical issues and discussed data from a recent WCD member survey regarding how boards track and report on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We discussed directors' experiences working with management teams to determine critical next steps for advancing DE&I initiatives, and explored what a “Leadership Equity Index” can tell you about your company’s strengths and gaps, how this information is best shared and with whom, and what may need to change. 

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