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Real Estate Compensation and Leadership Consulting

Our multi-disciplinary approach creates holistic compensation and talent management strategies.

Weathering Real Estate Industry Cycles
The real estate industry is facing tumultuous times brought on by economic uncertainty, a global pandemic, and the resulting turnover and retention challenges. Given the volatility across all geographies and sectors attracting and developing top talent is a high priority. Well-constructed executive compensation strategies that attract, retain, and motivate executives and reward them for performance—and loyalty—is a vital business and talent management strategy in today’s hyper-competitive climate.



Years of Industry Experience

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Real Estate Clients

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Survey Clients

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How We Partner with You

Building and rewarding high-performance leadership teams

We are your trusted advisors

We work with you to attract, motivate, and reward your executives for their performance and loyalty—a vital strategy in the real estate industry’s cyclical and hyper-competitive climate.

We bring compensation and leadership experts

Our team of real estate industry experts considers your business strategy, compensation goals, and talent management objectives to develop coordinated programs that will drive your long-term success.

You get tailored solutions

Our team helps you develop the right compensation philosophy, approach to pay plan design, and a related framework for human capital management that can create difference-making leaders.

Approach & Partnership


your key business drivers and your mission, vision, and organizational culture.


the external environment.


Core committee responsibilities: compensation, leadership, and communication.


key outcomes: a high performance leadership culture and exceptional business results.
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We help companies in the real estate industry create compensation and leadership strategies that deliver exceptional business results.
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The ability to attract, motivate and retain talent is bolstered by data which can then be translated into valuable, actionable insight. Our National Real Estate Compensation Survey covers nearly 400 companies and provides a clear picture of the competitive landscape. Participants receive compensation data on 160 key positions across all types of commercial and residential real estate companies, as well as detail on board compensation and executive management trends.


Pearl Meyer also manages surveys for three key real estate associations:  Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA), and the National Affordable House Management Association (NAHMA). Each survey provides member companies with pay detail specific to their market segment.

Meet the Expert

Strategy-Driven Consulting

We believe in the power of connecting compensation and leadership strategy to help our clients enable and reward individual and organizational success. 

Survey and Governance Data

Pearl Meyer is a powerhouse of both survey and proxy data. Our survey team produces over 50 annual compensation surveys and our partner, Main Data Group, offers public company governance and compensation data.

At Pearl Meyer, we work with boards and organizations to design and implement compensation and leadership strategies that build great management teams.
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