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Private Equity and Portfolio Company Leadership and Compensation Consulting

We help organizations drive success across all stages of the investment and ownership lifecycle.

Delivering Value to Investors and Management
We deliver value to investors and management through specialized leadership and compensation consulting services designed to:
+ Assess the strength of leadership teams and compensation structures
+ Determine portfolio company readiness for growth
+ Develop leadership bench strength
+ Foster greater alignment between portfolio company and management teams

The Investment and Ownership Lifecycle

Due Diligence Support

PE/Investor Ownership


Public Company Transition

Due Diligence Support: Human Capital Strategy and Development

We provide organizational and human capital insights through diagnostic processes related to leadership capability, market competitiveness of compensation programs, and organizational health. Our human capital due diligence offerings are enhanced by the expertise of Blake Street Group, a Pearl Meyer consulting practice.
BSG serves as a key partner with both PE deal teams and portfolio company management teams, helping to ensure alignment with respect to a potential transaction’s investment thesis. Investors turn to BSG for executive and organizational pre-deal diligence as part of an investment or acquisition decision; CEOs engage BSG to assess and develop candidates for key roles or position their organization for better performance. Learn more on BSG's website.

PE/Investor Ownership: Accelerating Growth and Driving Alignment

We accelerate the performance and development of the management team, individually and collectively, grounded in the value creation plan. In parallel, we help boards and CEOs create and/or revise management incentive plans (both cash and equity) that drive value toward an exit event. We do this by assisting in structuring cash bonus programs, determining the equity pool size, and informing individual allocation decisions using relevant market data.

Optimizing the Exit

As portfolio companies and investors prepare for exit events, it is an optimal time to review and/or amend policies and programs given compensation outcomes and the leadership skills needed to drive a transaction that can vary by type of exit (trade sale, secondary sale, IPO, or other types of exit events). Once a likely exit strategy is clearer, we view this as an opportunity to conduct an additional round of diligence to ensure that the compensation structure established at the outset of the investment is able to bolster the exit. We support this process by evaluating the degree of alignment between the desired exit strategy, skills required, and incentive compensation. 

Public Company Transition: Facilitating Shareholder Engagement

We help newly public companies (“NewCos”) widen their human capital focus to build enterprise leadership bench strength and enable strong CEO and executive succession planning, while also ensuring that the organization and its talent are appropriately executing strategy and achieving desired growth. Our deep experience with public company compensation committees helps NewCos make the transition to an annual activity cycle centered around the committee agenda. We also ensure that NewCos have a pay framework to support their business strategy, drive desired behaviors, and align the various interests of employee and shareholder groups.
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We deliver value to investors and management through specialized leadership and compensation consulting services.
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Strategy-Driven Consulting

We believe in the power of connecting compensation and leadership strategy to help our clients enable and reward individual and organizational success.

Survey and Governance Data

Pearl Meyer is a powerhouse of both survey and proxy data. Our survey team produces over 50 annual compensation surveys and our partner, Main Data Group, offers public company governance and compensation data.

At Pearl Meyer, we work with boards and organizations to design and implement compensation and leadership strategies that build great management teams.
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