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Photograph of Taryn Schrader

Taryn Schrader

Vice President
Executive Compensation
Director Compensation
Broad-Based Compensation and Salary Structure Development
Incentive Plan Design
Organizational Development
BS, Virginia Tech
MS, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Commitment to Clients

I partner with clients who see the value of investing in their employees. I am focused on helping clients attract and retain top talent. I help them find ways to keep employees motivated, engaged, and effective.


Taryn Schrader is a vice president at Pearl Meyer. She is an expert in advising clients based on their unique markets, designing compensation plans and aligning incentive behavior for short- and long-term goals. She works on executive compensation assessments, board of directors studies, and broad-based compensation projects. She advises on cost-of-living studies, FLSA status, job title streamlining, and compression analyses.

Before joining Pearl Meyer, she held positions at Gallagher and a federal government consulting firm.

Taryn received her bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech and her master's from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. 

At Pearl Meyer, we work with boards and organizations to design and implement compensation and leadership strategies that build great management teams.
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