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June 17, 2024

Pearl Meyer Acquires Blake Street Group

Expands private equity and portfolio company leadership consulting capabilities

BOSTON—June 17, 2024—Executive compensation and leadership consulting firm Pearl Meyer announced today that it has acquired Blake Street Group (BSG), a boutique consultancy providing human capital due diligence, organizational readiness, and leadership development to private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

“As our work with private equity firms has grown, we have been impressed by Blake Street Group’s unique blend of leadership expertise in this area, which is informed by their prior experience in PE and operating company roles,” said Pearl Meyer CEO Beth Florin. “Adding BSG’s offerings to Pearl Meyer’s comprehensive leadership and compensation consulting portfolio further enhances our ability to help clients accelerate growth and reduce human capital risk through their various stages of development.”

Blake Street Group serves as a key partner with both PE deal teams and portfolio company management teams, helping to ensure alignment with respect to a potential transaction’s investment thesis. Investors turn to BSG for executive and organizational pre-deal diligence as part of an investment or acquisition decision. CEOs engage BSG to assess and develop candidates for key roles or position their organization for better performance.

“BSG's offerings and approach align well with Pearl Meyer's strategy-driven compensation and leadership consulting services,” said BSG Managing Director Andy Rourke. “Both enable value creation on behalf of clients, and we have a shared understanding of what it takes to help organizations build, develop, and reward great leadership teams that drive long-term success.”

With this new combined offering, Pearl Meyer will deliver value to PE investors and management through aligned leadership and compensation consulting services that help drive success across all stages of the investment and ownership lifecycle. These stages include pre-deal diligence, investor ownership, an exit event, and the transition to a public company.

“Our core expertise is advising PE firms and management teams to drive value and assess risk from a human capital perspective,” Rourke continued. “As we look to further expand and build upon our lifecycle offerings, Pearl Meyer's leadership and compensation consulting teams are an ideal complement for our services.”

About Blake Street Group

Blake Street Group specializes in human capital due diligence, organizational readiness, as well as leadership development and alignment. BSG was formed out of a recognition of one simple pattern: companies that generate extraordinary results do so by selecting and developing great people. For over 15 years, BSG has been solely dedicated to helping investors and companies achieve extraordinary outcomes through people. 

About Pearl Meyer

Pearl Meyer is the leading advisor to boards and senior management helping organizations build, develop, and reward great leadership teams that drive long-term success. Our strategy-driven compensation and leadership consulting services act as powerful catalysts for value creation and competitive advantage by addressing the critical links between people and outcomes. Our clients stand at the forefront of their industries and range from emerging high-growth, not-for-profit, and private organizations to the Fortune 500.

At Pearl Meyer, we work with boards and organizations to design and implement compensation and leadership strategies that build great management teams.
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