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Offshore Drilling Membership Group Salary Surveys

Summary and membership requirements for the Offshore Drilling Surveys.

About the Survey

The Drilling Management Survey (DMS) covers 66 benchmark jobs in the Offshore Drilling Industry.  Included are senior executives, line management jobs, and staff management jobs.

The Rig Crew Survey (RCS) covers 60 benchmark jobs working on offshore rigs, including bottom-bearing, floaters, and dynamic positioning rigs. The survey is global and publishes separately for the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, and all other international locations, as well as breaking out results by rig type for these locations. The survey focuses on global payscales and includes regional payscales every three years. The survey is currently conducted annually but during times of high activity, it is conducted semi-annually.

Both surveys are club surveys and participants must be involved in the business of offshore drilling, have at least one active contract, and meet membership requirements.  The survey is managed by Pearl Meyer.

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