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The Research and Development Survey

Provides compensation data for scientist and engineering positions in the Research and Development industry. Learn more about this robust survey to help benchmark compensation for scientists and engineers in your organization.

About the Survey

The Research and Development (R&D) Survey is the ultimate source of detailed information on cash compensation – base salary and non-base pay – for Scientists and Engineers. Detailed information is provided allowing for in-depth analysis of benchmark compensation, differences in compensation based on fields of practice, fields of degree, and degree level. Additionally, the survey provides maturity curve information for those organizations employing this compensation administration approach.

The R&D Survey has been in existence since 1956 and was administered by its membership through 2002. Since 2003, the survey has been administered by Pearl Meyer to provide third-party confidentiality and independence.

The survey group includes leading, nationally recognized for-profit and non-profit Research and Development organizations.

Data Reported

The R&D Survey Reports information for:

  • Base salaries
  • Non-Base Pay, including annual bonuses, lump sum merit bonuses, special achievement awards, and profit sharing.

Compensation information in the survey is summarized based on a number of incumbent and position characteristics, including:

  • Years Since First Degree/Years of Experience
  • Highest Degree
  • Benchmark Level
  • Supervisory Level
  • Field of Degree
  • Field of Practice
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