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Research Report | Mar 2024

AI’s Impact on Organizational Structure and Investments

The results from a recent Pearl Meyer Quick Poll on AI point to a few emerging trends and uncover some surprising data points.

Beginning in 2023, AI has been a leading topic in the public arena. Beyond the high level conversations, we are interested to understand how this pervasive new technology may be influencing companies in terms of their organizational structure, their approach to change management, and workforce communication. Also in question is how current investments in AI may be impacting short-term financial results and if there are any early considerations for executive compensation.

We received input from more than 140 public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. The data show a wide variety of approaches to AI in general, although there are some emerging trends in terms of who will oversee its implementation, what communication channels are being utilized to discuss AI, and what investments are being made this year and next.

Some high-level themes from the results of this survey include the following:

  • How companies will determine organizational and/or executive responsibility for AI is varied.
  • There are opportunities for more organizations to communicate with the broad workforce about the impact of AI.
  • While AI is driving employee communication, workforce planning, and financial investment, the need for change management strategies may not be fully appreciated.
  • It is still early days for the consideration of specific AI-related goals for executives; however, almost 20% of companies have or will soon discuss this in relation to executive incentive plans.
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