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Webcast | May 2020

Reevaluating Short- and Long-Term Incentive Plans During A Crisis

How to evaluate current executive incentive plans to understand if they align to our new reality.

Recently boards and management teams have been working overtime to react quickly and get a grasp on the business impact of the coronavirus. For the most part, organizations have been focused on the immediate business concerns, including employee safety and financial viability. Up to this point, any compensation-related actions for the companies that have been severely impacted have largely focused on cost reductions.

However, compensation committees are likely to begin—if they aren’t already—evaluating their current executive incentive plans to understand if they align to our new reality. This webcast, produced with the NACD, explores the evaluation criteria for both short- and long-term incentives, how to make changes if warranted, and what the implications of those changes might be.

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