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The Compensation Planning Survey

Provides data on compensation increase budgets, salary structure adjustments, and promotion budgets for a variety of industries. Learn more about this complimentary survey to help you plan for the upcoming compensation cycle.

About the Survey

The Compensation Planning Survey includes the latest information on compensation increase budgets, salary structure adjustments, promotion budgets, and more. The survey is free to participants and all participants are eligible to run unlimited custom analyses of the data free of charge. The online custom report feature allows you to select the organizations of most interest to your firm to receive a custom report displaying the survey totals as compared to your peer group and your organization.

Three hundred and seventy-six (376) leading organizations participated in the 2022-2023 Compensation Planning Survey, which was published in October 2022. Many of the data points included in the survey results are broken out by the following employee groups: Non-Exempt, Exempt, Management, and Executive.

Compensation components included:

  • % Firms Who Implemented a 2022 Compensation Increase
  • 2022 General Increase/Cost of Living (COLA) (%)
  • 2022 Merit Increase (%)
  • 2022 Other Increase (%)2022 Total Increase (%)
  • 2022 Salary Structure Adjustment (%)
  • 2022 Promotional Increase Budget (%)
  • % Firms Who Are Planning a 2023 Compensation Increase
  • 2023 General Increase/Cost of Living (COLA) (%)
  • 2023 Merit Increase (%)
  • 2023 Other Increase (%)
  • 2023 Total Increase (%)
  • 2023 Salary Structure Adjustment (%)
  • 2023 Promotional Increase Budget (%)
  • Bonus Plan Eligibility
  • Bonus Plan - Awards Received
  • Global Salary Budget Data
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