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Photograph of Matt Turner

Matt Turner

Managing Director
Executive Compensation
Incentive Plan Design
Performance Measures and Goal-Setting
Mutual Organizations
SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MBA, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Commitment to Clients

I believe that your executive compensation program must be an effective tool of strategy execution. Your Pearl Meyer team will work to ensure we understand your company and the unique challenges you face. We will be guided by the market and peer practices, but we will develop recommendations and advice tailored specifically to your needs. My advice will always be frank and honest, even if it presents difficult choices.


Matt Turner is a managing director and consulting team leader at Pearl Meyer. In his management role, he oversees a team of senior compensation consultants in the execution of the firm’s growth strategy and in the development of consultants at various stages in their careers. He specializes in advising company boards and senior management on executive compensation strategy, incentive plan design, tailoring of performance measures, and the setting of shareholder-focused performance objectives.

With over 30 years’ experience, Matt has worked with public and private companies in a range of industries including insurance, manufacturing, technology, real estate, transportation, and retail. In addition to ongoing advisory services, he has also worked extensively with companies undergoing changes in ownership structure, business transformation, and other strategic events.

Publications and Presentations By Matt Turner

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