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Alexander Yaffe

Alexander Yaffe

Managing Director
Executive and Physician Compensation/Governance
Performance Management Design, Alignment, and Evaluation
Retention Strategies and Retirement Planning
Healthcare/Higher Education/Tax-Exempt Entities
Faculty Compensation
AS, Full Sail University
BS, Columbia University (In Progress)

Commitment to Clients

I work with organizations in rapidly evolving industries by assessing the landscape as it exists and where it's headed so that my clients can navigate the journey successfully. While their challenges may be similar, clients' circumstances differ based on a wide array of factors. Success requires alignment of people, skill sets, and business strategy set upon a strong foundation of compliance and creativity. Through my expertise, I educate—helping clients align and ultimately achieve.


Alexander is a managing director at Pearl Meyer. The former president and CEO of Yaffe & Company, he is a second-generation expert in executive compensation and has two decades' experience in the field. As the leader of Yaffe & Company, he oversaw its geographic expansion from 10 to 37 states, development of complimentary service lines, and worked with clients whose net revenues ranged from $10M to greater than $1B, allowing for a varied perspective in similarities and differences based on geography, size, and organizational design.

Alexander has assisted hundreds of tax-exempt boards and their leadership teams with assessing executive compensation programs, executive performance evaluation methods, retirement plan designs, leadership transition, succession, and retention planning. Additionally, he works with hospitals and integrated health systems to develop comprehensive physician compensation governance practices, assess current-state compensation and productivity relative to the market, and the development of next-generation plan designs. A common theme across his consulting engagements, Alexander focuses on aligning data, relationships, and circumstances to drive mutually beneficial outcomes for organizations, individuals, and affected stakeholder constituencies.

Alexander has participated in expert panels on these topics, given presentations, and has led board education programs nationally. He published his second monograph with the AHA Center for Healthcare Governance titled The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum: What Boards Need to Know (Oct 2015). 

Alexander graduated from Full Sail University in 1999 with a degree in film/television production. In 2012, he continued his studies at Columbia University pursuing a degree in economics and philosophy.

Publications and Presentations By Alexander Yaffe

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